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Posted by on Feb 7, 2023 in Vaping Review | 0 comments

Menthol Pick 3 Bundle By Naked 100 Review

Menthol Pick 3 Bundle By Naked 100 Review


The Naked 100 Menthol Vape Juice Bundle is ideal for those who enjoy the cool taste of menthol. The exclusive bundle is available at a discounted price, allowing you to sample all of the Naked 100 Menthol flavors. There are several flavors that can quench your thirst for the bone-chilling taste and feel of icy menthol, ranging from a strawberry pom to berry.

Nicotine Level

This Naked Vape Juice Menthol Pick 3 Bundle lets you select three 60mL bottles in your preferred flavor. Choose your nicotine strength, which ranges from 0mg to 3mg, 6mg to 12mg, and you are on your way to a cool taste.

Available Flavor

Let’s take a look at the Naked vape juice flavors available for this menthol pick 3 bundles and why they are worth their salts.

  • Strawberry POM (Formerly Brain Freeze): It is one of the coolest vapes on the market and will chill you to the bone. Strawberry POM offers a unique flavor experience by combining strawberries, kiwis, pomegranates, and a hint of menthol. The end result is a delicious fruity vape that refreshes the palate with each puff.
  • Melon (Formerly Polar Breeze): If you are a menthol fan at heart, melon is the flavor for you. It is a combination of sweet honeydew melon, the best pineapples, and a cool dose of menthol. The cool experience is refreshing and delicious due to the combination of fruits.
  • Berry (Formerly Very Cool): With such a simple name, you can anticipate what this tasty vape flavor has to offer. Berry is all about the deliciousness of combining blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. It is a fantastic blend of berry flavors, and the menthol infusion only adds to its awesomeness.
  • Hawaiian POG Ice: If you liked the original Hawaiian POG flavor, you would love this menthol addition. It has the same great taste as the original but with orange, passion fruit, and guava flavors and a cool menthol infusion. The flavor is delectable, refreshing, and satisfying.
  • Lava Flow Ice: The original Lava Flow vape juice flavor is one of the best to ever exist, and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular flavors in the Naked 100 lineup. This reimagined version has the same flavor as the original but with a hint of menthol to create a new, thrilling flavor experience you will not forget. It is already a fan favorite, and it is only getting better with this cool touch.

Product Features

  • 60mL Glass Bottle
  • Dropper in Bottle
  • 70% VG
  • 30% PG
  • Made in USA
  • Available nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

About the Manufacturer

Naked 100, based in Torrance, California, has become a leading example of what the industry’s manufacturing brands could aspire to be. Since its inception in 2012, the company has won numerous awards, has become a major vaping advocate, and produces some of the finest premium vape juice on the market. Though there are several brands on the market, none of them compare to Naked 100 E-Liquid, one of the industry’s most popular brands. The Naked 100 brand is supported by USA Vape Lab, a world-class manufacturing and wholesale distribution company.


If you enjoy menthol flavors, you will enjoy our Naked Vape Juice Menthol Pick 3 Bundle. It has exciting flavors and provides a satisfying and refreshing feeling from the moment you take your first draw. If you like menthol, this discounted bundle is available for you at $39.99 on West Coast vape supply.

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