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Posted by on Jun 28, 2022 in Vaping Review | 0 comments

The birth of VOOPOO and Spark Your Life

The birth of VOOPOO and Spark Your Life


In 2014, the founders of ICCPP , Scott and Everest, emerged in the chip technology solutions industry by founding the ICCPP company, to apply their deep knowledge in the field of industrial chip control, research in atomization, and electronics, and their integrations in different industries.

Early in their business, they developed the optimized GENE chip as an integral part of other providers’ products. During this stage, the chip was not considered by consumers as a final product, since it was a component of those devices, which did not always provide the best experience to the consumer.

Due to this situation, the founding team decided to create its own brand of products to transform the customer experience, give them the best solutions and products, and thus become known worldwide. In this way, in 2017 they established an electronic cigarette brand, VOOPOO, under the company ICCPP, which is currently a world leader in innovation and technological experimentation in the vaping industry.

The meaning of VOOPOO

Brand sense

Using three easy-to-pronounce, globally recognized letters, V, P, and O, Scott and Everest create their brand name and logo, deeply intertwined with the creative spirit of their company and products.

The V stands for the word Victory, a symbol that this brand is a pioneer, supplying the best vaper experiences, and becoming the favorite of the consumers.

The P comes from the word Produce, which perfectly frames the creative and innovative sense of the brand, continuously developing new solutions and experiences for its customers.

Logo and Slogan

The O used twice in the name creates the infinity sign in the logo design and denotes the infinite possibilities of development and invention.

It is also a reference to the figure of the O that vapers create by puffing cloud in the air.

Complementing the logo, the slogan SPARK YOUR LIFE alludes to the trigger of creation, the search for new experiences and infinite possibilities, to enrich everyone’s life.


At its launch in April 2017, its first generation of products called DRAG appear, making use of all the advantages of the GENE chip, setting the 0.025s ignition record for that moment, making it the favorite of its more than 30 million vapers worldwide.

In 2019 they launch VINCI SERIES, to meet the demands of consumers and upgrade their experiences. This device satisfies the different forms of consumption, giving different options of experience, portability, and flavor.

In 2020 they launch a POD MOD product that would become the world leader in the market that year, the new generation of DRAG, DRAG X/S, with a unique and innovative high-quality design that positions it as a new trend in the vape industry, winning two awards that same year, the Best POD and Best Beginner Awards.

Constant innovation

The changes in this industry, and the behavior and demands of vapers, as well as the constant technological advances, drive the players in this industry to innovate and diversify their product lines, offering more possibilities, portability, and solutions that meet the requirements of the consumers.

For VOOPOO, these changing trends in the market align with its values; and its desire to always deliver the best experience to its consumers, leading the brand to launch a complete series of four core products, DRAG, VINCI, ARGUS, and V, covering all categories from POD to MOD, and catering to all demands and different vaper experiences.

In 2021, its products win awards in different categories and position the brand for the second consecutive year as the “Best VAPE Brand”.

Present and Future

Thanks to its groundbreaking and creative character, and its commitment to vapers, VOOPOO continues to research, develop, and perfect its technologies to constantly transform the functions and features of its devices.

This has led to the development of a complete and established chip technology system, creating different series of GENE chips: Fan, Fit, Pod, Trio, AI, and TT. They have developed different Atomization platform that allow vapers to experience different flavors and experiences without changing the device, faster heating times, and enhanced performance.

VOOPOO has become a constant benchmark in the industry, providing permanent innovation, challenging the other players in the industry, and what is most important, delivering the best experience to the vapers, opening the doors to life-enriching possibilities.

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