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Posted by on Mar 24, 2022 in Pod System Review | 0 comments

Top 6 Reasons Why VOOPOO VINCI Pod Royal Edition Are Trustworthy

Top 6 Reasons Why VOOPOO VINCI Pod Royal Edition Are Trustworthy

VOOPOO VINCI Pod Royal Edition – It is a newly developed advanced e-cigarette product by VOOPOO. It supports the new generation of leak-proof design, the amazing vaping experience with great sensational flavor and big clouds you will love them very much.

1. Visual Cartridge

Visual cartridges allow you to track the amount of e-liquid remaining in real time.The VINCI POD ROYAL EDITION is equipped with a 0.8Ω and a 1.2Ω coil for varying taste restoration and nicotine resolution levels.

2. Have Multiple Airflow Options

The first thing that many vapers will notice about these VOOPOO VINCI pods is their airflow options. After 268 precise airway adjustments, the VINCI POD ROYAL EDITION optimizes the airway design for unparalleled comfort. Combined with the auto mode of the sensitive micro-hole, it instantly brings a smoother and richer taste experience.

3. Easy to Use

The device is simple to use. No need to use the button, just pick it up and vape it. You can get started immediately, with no complicated instructions or settings to follow. The VOOPOO pods are also refillable and come in several flavors, so you can change up your experience every time you want a new one.

4. First Embossed Design Pod Product

Embossed craftsmanship first appeared in Pod body.

It is the inspiration from the earliest human relief art, combined with stylish and retro contemporary elements, that inspired us to develop the Vinci Pod Royal Edition. The concave and convex lines of the product add a touch of unforgettable memory to the VINCI POD Royal Edition. Holding it is like holding a work of art. Every corner and radian of this product come into being through hundreds of calculations and thousands of grinding, which give full play to the royal level of craftsman spirit.

5. Three-Color LED Breathing Light

The VINCI POD ROYAL EDITION is a complex breathing lights. When you inhaling, the breathing light lights up, and when you stopping, it goes out, enabling you to sense the changes of light during your breath. This light can also predict battery level, and it will turn green when it’s more than 60% charged. When the power is 20%-60, it will appear blue, and it will appear red when it is lower than 20%.

6. Compatible with various cartridges

You are free to try different cartridges. VINCI Pod Royal Edition is compatible with a wide range of cartridges that include VINCI Q Pod, VINCI Pod, DRAG Nano 2. The compatibility of different cartridges will bring you the pleasure of multiple experiences for less money.After you get it, it will assure you of the best experience possible.

If you want to try to quit smoking but don’t want to be overly dependent on nicotine, then VOOPOO VINCI Royal Edition may be one of your best choices.

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