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Posted by on Mar 18, 2022 in Disposable Vaporizer Review | 0 comments

HQD Maxim Disposable Vaporizer Review

HQD Maxim Disposable Vaporizer Review

The Maxim may not be one of the most powerful devices or even the fanciest device from HQD, however, it is certainly one of the slimmest disposable vaporizers from this company, measuring just 7mm thick. The thinness and sleek design of this disposable make it an excellent option for beginner vapers with an active lifestyle. Although it is so small, the device can give you around 300 puffs, so it will possibly last for a few days. The best part is that this HQD vape price gives you the best value for your money.


The HQD Maxim has the typical design of a disposable vaporizer. It is made of aluminum, thermoplastic polymer, and polycarbonate. Its dimensions are 100mm by 20mm by 7mm. The device feels sturdy. It won’t get damaged if it accidentally falls from your hands. There are no buttons on the Maxim. On top of the device is a duck-bill mouthpiece. At the base of the device is an airflow hole.

You don’t have to figure out any settings when you choose the HQD Maxim disposable vaporizer. Also, it is not rechargeable or refillable. All you have to do is take it out of the pack and start vaping. When you’ve gotten all 300 puffs and the device doesn’t produce any vapor and flavor, dispose of it and get another one. Depending on how you vape, the Maxim can last you a few days or even an entire week. 

Battery Capacity

The HQD Maxim has a 280mAh battery and it is not rechargeable. The team at HQD conducted numerous tests to ensure that the 280mAh battery will last until the tank is empty. 

Pod Capacity & Flavors

The HQD Maxim disposable vaporizer has a 1.4ml pre-filled tank with 50mg/ml of nicotine. The device is available with numerous flavors including Blueberry, Mango, Ice Mint, Grape Ice, Cantaloupe, Mixed Fruit, Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango, Orange Breeze, Lush Ice, Strawberry, Apple Crush, Lychee Ice, Strawberry Banana, Guava Ice, Peach, Banana Ice, and Ice Cola. The device will give you a rush of flavorful goodness with every hit. 


The HQD Maxim comes with a 1.8 ohm coil. It also has a voltage range of 7W to 12W. As a result, it produces smooth, flavorful, and consistent hits. Although this is a super portable disposable, its performance makes it a top-rated device.

The Maxim has a tight draw similar to that of a cigarette. You won’t get thick clouds of vapor from this device. This HQD disposable is a perfect choice for vaping in public. It is highly recommended for people who are trying to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. The high nicotine level and premium e-liquid blend ensures you’ll get the same satisfying nicotine experience every time.


You can get the HQD Maxim disposable vaporizer at the Vape Central Group online store for only $6.95. As indicated above, this is a bargain price for this device. Vape Central Group has other disposable devices from HQD like the Cuvie, Cuvie Air, Mega, Stark, Super, Rose, King, and more.

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