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Posted by on Jan 9, 2022 in CBD Review | 0 comments

TAAT Original Alternative Cigarettes Review 

TAAT Original Alternative Cigarettes Review 

TAAT is a new alternative cigarette brand that offers you the chance to enjoy the sensory experience of smoking regular cigarettes without nicotine or tobacco. Think about that for a second? Cigarettes without nicotine or even tobacco. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, that’s exactly what TAAT offers.

TAAT is a Nevada-based company that officially launched its first products in December 2020. The people behind TAAT put in a lot of effort to create a unique product. Rather than making a hemp cigarette that tastes like a joint, they decided to create one that tastes just like a regular cigarette. To do this, they put in countless hours researching and experimenting to perfect their technique. The result is a hemp-based filler for their cigarettes they have termed ‘Beyond Tobacco.’

Just like Beyond Meat, Beyond Tobacco is an alternative for people who don’t want to smoke regular cigarettes for any reason. It is made by combining premium hemp buds with water and a secret combination of food-grade ingredients. The combination is processed using a proprietary, patent-pending technique to create Beyond Tobacco. 

TAAT doesn’t stop there. TAAT cigarettes come in white and brown FSC branded paper, and they’re exactly the same size as regular cigarettes. They even have a filter like tobacco cigarettes. This ensures that you have the same sensory experience of smoking cigarettes when you smoke a TAAT. 

TAAT cigarettes are available in three flavors to appeal to different people. If you enjoy smoking Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue, you’ll enjoy TAAT Original. It has a bold tobacco flavor. Using them feels like smoking Marlboro Red nicotine free smokes. TAAT Smooth is similar to Marlboro Gold, Pall Mall Blue, or American Spirit Yellow. It has a light tobacco flavor. TAAT Menthol has a rich minty flavor like Marlboro Menthol, KOOL, or Newport. 

Each stock of TAAT contains 25mg of CBD and around 0.2% of THC. This cigarette won’t get you high. It has a relaxing effect. So, you can use this cigarette during the day or anytime you feel like it without being couch-locked or getting stoned. 

Every pack of TAAT is tested by a third-party laboratory before being released. There is a QR code on the pack that you can scan to access the lab test result. TAAT is committed to excellence. The company uses top-shelf hemp plants grown in America to make its products. 

TAAT cigarettes are not only premium quality, but they are also highly affordable. You can get a pack of TAAT cigarettes for only $6.99. A pack of TAAT contains 20 sticks. A box of TAAT cigarettes, with 10 packs, costs $59.99. 

TAAT currently only ships to customers in the US. These alternative cigarettes are also available in at least 2000 stores across the country. Although the 2018 Farm Bill made the sale and use of hemp products legal across the country, some states have enacted laws restricting these products. So, check your local laws before you order from TAAT. TAAT is currently working to make its products available in other countries in North America and across the world. To learn more about TAAT cigarettes, head over to

TAAT cigarettes are only available to persons 21 years and above. 

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