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Posted by on Dec 10, 2021 in CBD, CBD Review | 0 comments

Review: CBDFx Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen

Review: CBDFx Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen

Although many brands are offering CBD products on the market, CBDFx is one of the most popular. This brand offers a range of premium quality CBD products including edibles, topicals, drinks, gummies, vape juice, and vape pens. This post will focus on CBD vape pens by CBDFx.

CBD vape pens are highly sought after for being easy to use. These vape pens are convenient, user-friendly, and portable. CBDFx vape pens are designed to be pre-charged and pre-mixed, all you have to do is buy one and vape. CBDFx vape pens contain premium broad-spectrum CBD extracts that are free from harmful additives. The CBDFx brand has a list of different vape pen flavors on the market, this post will about the CBD Blue Raspberry vape pen.
The CBDFx CBD Blue Raspberry vape pen offers the flavor of blue raspberry. You can taste the sweet and tart blue raspberry flavor when you vape this CBDFx product. The design of this vape pen is impressive and easy to carry around. Blue Raspberry is also discreet. This CBDFx Blue Raspberry vape pen is draw-activated and can be used by anyone with ease. It comes fully charged and is designed to be easily disposable.

CBDFx Blue Raspberry CBD vape pen contains 250mg of high-quality organic broad-spectrum CBD. With this vape pen, you can get more than 400 puffs before the vape juice in this device runs out. And with each puff, you will be getting about 0.2mg of CBD.

Blue Raspberry CBD vape pen has a sour berry flavor on the inhale. And when you exhale, the sweetness starts to come through. This CBD vape pen will appeal to vaping enthusiasts. This CBDFx CBD vape pen comes with a ceramic coil and 1ml of CBD e-liquid.

The Blue Raspberry CBD vape pen by CBDFx is made with natural ingredients and has been tested for impurities by a third-party company. The results of this test are available at the CBDFx online store. This vape pen contains natural flavors, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. CBDFx sources its hemp from farmers in Kentucky who grow their hemp plants using organic methods. The hemp plants CBDFx uses in production are GMO-free and are grown without pesticides. CBDFx has cGMP facilities located in California where these raw hemp plant materials are extracted using the CO2 extraction process to produce high-quality CBD oil.

CBDFx Blue Raspberry CBD vape pen is available for sale at the company’s online store, This vape pen goes for $24.99. CBDFx offers excellent customer service and fast shipping on all orders.

Besides Blue Raspberry, other CBDFx CBD vape pen for sale are OG Kush, Tropic Breeze, Fresh Mint, Strawberry Lemonade and Pineapple Express. CBDFx also offers Delta-9 THC vape pens.

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