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Posted by on Jun 22, 2021 in E-liquid Review | 0 comments

Menthol Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT Review

Menthol Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT Review

Salt nic vape juices work the same as freebase nicotine vape juices. As it vaporizes in low-temperature settings, it is recommended to use this type of vape juices in low wattage vaping devices. Salt nic vape juices are a mixture of freebase nicotine and benzoic acid. Benzoic acid in these juices balances the alkalinity to deliver a smooth throat hit. Nic salt juices are perfect for those chain smokers who quit smoking recently. These kinds of people always have heavy cravings for nicotine. Higher concentrations of nicotine in nic salt juice deliver the required amount of nicotine to their bloodstream quickly and satisfy their cravings. These types of vape juices will provide the same experience you get while smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Salt nic e-liquids have higher absorption rate than freebase e-liquids as it is more bioavailable. It is also a good choice for those chain vapors who want to reduce the amount of vaping. The presence of higher nicotine levels in this kind of juices satisfies the vaper in a few puffs, thus can reduce the frequency of vaping. There are a huge number of salt nic vape juices available on the markets due to their increased popularity. All most all vaping brands introduced their salt nic juices to the market to satisfy their customers. Most brands offer a salt nic version of their most sought-after freebase nicotine flavors.  

Menthol Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT is one of the most preferred salt nic vape juices on the market now. It is sweet, but not overwhelming. It is a perfect blend of fresh peppermint leaf menthol that can deliver a memorable vaping experience. As you inhale, you will get refreshed with the cool icy feeling of menthol with mild sweet notes. Exhale also will be the same as inhaling. Certainly, your taste buds will get addicted to the refreshingly sweet flavor and makes you vape all day long. It will leave a strong aftertaste of menthol in your mouth to keep you refreshed a while.

Menthol Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT has an excellent VG/PG ratio of 50:50 which is perfect for good flavor production and generating satisfying flavored clouds. It can be vaped using any low-wattage devices available with you, so you don’t have to spend any extra money to buy special hardware. SOLT offers this amazing salt nic vape juice in three different nicotine strengths. You can either select 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg nicotine strength vape juice according to your preferences. It comes in 10ml TPD compliant plastic bottles equipped with dropper tips for mess-free refilling. All the bottles come with childproof and tamperproof caps.

Menthol Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT is available for sale online at Vape Green at a competitive price. A 10ml bottle of this refreshing salt nic costs £3.99. Vape Green is one of the popular online stores in the UK selling premium-quality vape juices and vaping devices. They have a huge collection of vaping products that can satisfy any of your vaping needs. Delivery services are provided in the UK as well as to international locations.

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