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Posted by on May 21, 2020 in Blog | 0 comments

Basic DIY e-liquid recipes

Basic DIY e-liquid recipes

The world of e-liquid vaping gets bigger by the day. Most e-liquid vape consumers remain by the rules when it comes to the e-liquid they are using, purchasing it from registered merchants and vendors. However, it is becoming more common for people to start crafting their own e-liquids; you can experiment with different combinations of juice flavors and ingredients following specific e-liquid recipes to create unique diy recipes vape for your vaporizer. Let’s look at some DIY e-liquids recipes you can try at home.

Vanilla Cream Vape Juice Recipe

There is a variety of DIY e-juices which use this “perfume” for vanilla lovers. It could be the best stuff you’ve ever enjoyed in your life, if properly balanced with biscuit. Capella’s vanilla custard flavor is the custard used most in these DIY e-liquid recipes. It is a rich and has a versatile flavoring that fits perfectly in most e-juice recipes and is used to add a taste of vanilla to the cream in different percentages. The base ratio of VG and PG is 50:50 for Vanilla Cream vape juice recipe and should have a higher percentage of glycerin used, the ratio will need to increase. Vanilla ingredients dominate the sweetening ingredients.

Sweet strawberry recipe

This is more of an artificial, candy strawberry than a realistic one, and it is often used alongside Flavorah’s strawberry e-juice (different ratios will produce different strawberry profiles.) this type of recipe, is used to brighten up things and add a bit of candy to the mix.

Cream fresh recipe

This can best be described as a light and diketone-free cream which works in almost every mix where you need a touch of cream. No custard notes, no coffee notes, nothing more than plain old new milk. At higher concentrations, some may consider it a little too “malty,” so try not to go overboard. Normally used at 0.5 percent for a nice creamy experience.

Fruit Flavors e-liquid recipes

Tropical fruit flavor concentrates can be used for combining the perfect recipes when it comes to e-juice. This could be the perfect way to make your own vape juice. Hence most vapors will agree with me that the perfect recipe for vape juice require the best tropical fruit flavors. Flavorah’s fruit flavors are truly incredible. Even in small pods and limited airflow vaporizers, the use of Flavorah flavoring designed for vapor gives you greater flavor potency. Tropical fruit flavors need this power to offer the best flavor profile because many of the bright and floral flavor notes won’t stand out from multipurpose flavoring.

Beverage type vape flavor

Innovative DIY Vape skills are not required when using the Beverage type flavors for e-juice to get premium e-liquid results. These flavoring edibles are exceptional in the high-potency and purpose-built flavor profiles that stand out from e-liquid recipes. They intermingle well with other fruits and spice flavors to achieve superb complex aroma profiles.

Flavorah helps encourage everyone to feel confident to blend their own e-liquid according to their desires. If you’re searching for a wide selection of these recipes that you can access offline, you can find a lot of these recipes in their e-liquid recipe books. If you have any questions, you can visit to get a fairly comprehensive section of their recipe book.

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