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Posted by on Feb 24, 2020 in Blog | 0 comments

5 Best DIY Vape Juice Recipes You Should Try To Make

5 Best DIY Vape Juice Recipes You Should Try To Make

Over the past few years, we have seen a transformation of DIY e-juices from a niche hobby into one of the growing community of creative mixologists. Although Vape brands like Keep It 100, Naked 100, Capella, FlavorArt, Flavorah, The Perfumer’s Apprentice, The Flavor Apprentice, Inawera, Flavor west among others provide some of the best-selling vape e-juice flavors on the market, creating your own e-liquid gives vapers unique advantages including:

  • The freedom to create your vape juice taste exactly how you want it
  • Complete control to decide what additives and ingredients are inside your vape juice
  • Cut costs by eliminating the need to continuously buy vape juice

With thousands of vape juice flavors and DIY vape juice recipes available, there is no limit to what DIY mixologists can create. This is one aspect of DIY mixing that has made it great and popular among vapers. However, do not just take our word for it. Go out there and get your hands dirty by trying some DIY Vape juice recipes yourself.

So, are you an experienced mixologist searching for new DIY vape juice recipes or a vaper who wants to start making your own vape juice and explore new vape flavors? You have come to the right place. We have gathered the best DIY vape e-liquids that you can make on your own at your home laboratory.

Spectrometer’s Strawberry Fog

If you ask me, this is without a question the best strawberry flavored e-juice. The sweetness of the berries is complemented by vanilla custard, cheesecake, and some Bavarian undertones. The sweetness from the ingredients builds on the strawberry’s tart flavor to create a delicious DIY vape juice. The final flavor profile is like your favorite strawberry dessert that has been rolled up into a single big puff.   

Stafylidis Vladimiros’s Goofy’s Juice

This vape juice recipe has a big loyal following for a good reason. From one puff after another, your taste buds will be tantalized by its rich flavors of hazelnuts and peanuts. The nuttiness is boosted by acetyl pyrazine which also serves to provide balance. This vape juice recipe also brings to the table hints of tobacco and graham cracker. The strong caramel and vanilla flavors of the tobacco raise the level even more and create a truly delicious blend.

Buhar Odasi’s Snowy Fuji

 The Snowy Fuji DIY vape juice recipe is a unique e-juice flavor. It delivers a crisp blend of rich gooey caramel, sweet and juicy fuji apples, and a large serving of Bavarian cream. I must warn you, one puff of this magical DIY e-liquid, and you will never try any other apple flavor e-liquid again. If this e-juice flavor is not heaven to you, then, I do not know what it is.  

Jennifer Jarvis’s Mama Melon

Do you want a flavor that gives you an explosive juicy summer experience? That is Mama Melon vape juice flavor. Some of the ingredients that set the stage include bright honeydew, mango, and cantaloupe. The sweetness is raised by cotton candy and papaya. With every puff, the powerful combination of these ingredients will sweep you off your feet and fly you to your favorite tropical island. You will be treated to a delightful range of fruit flavors as the taste of the ingredients hit and dance on your tongue.

Waphz’s Cereal Killer

When it comes to vape juice flavor, complex can not describe this DIY e-juice. Right from the first puff, Cereal Killer delivers a delicious flavor experience thanks to the wild blueberries and strawberries kicking everything off. It gets even better! A triple hit of Bavarian cream, French vanilla, and sweet cream makes sure that everything comes together deliciously.

As a beginner just starting out, we recommend you start with one or two flavors that you can easily get at Flavorah before advancing from there. This vaping company hosts a wide selection of DIY ingredients you need to start making your DIY vape juices. 

Let us know which of these vape juice recipes your favorite was. Did you create it exactly as the recipe or you tweaked it and created your own custom vape e-juice. We love to hear from you. Tell us in the comment section below.

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