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Posted by on Nov 18, 2019 in E-liquid Review | 0 comments

Suorin Drop Pod System Vape Kit Review

Suorin Drop Pod System Vape Kit Review

With over a year since its release, the Suorin Drop is not the newest vape pod on the market. It may have been out for some time, but it is still a lot better than many of the newer vape pods on the market today. It is a stylish draw-activated pod vape that is designed with the shape of a flattened teardrop. It uses replaceable and refillable pods. It comes with an empty 2ml pod with a resistance of 1.3ohm, and a tight draw that allows you to enjoy a good mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

Drop Pod System Vape Kit by Suorin

The Suorin Drop measures 73mm x 49mm x 12mm, which makes it one of the smallest pod systems in the market. Its small size and teardrop shape allow the device to easily fit in your pocket, or even completely conceal it with your hands. This all-in-one pod system is perfect for stealth vaping. The chassis of the device is made of zinc alloy, and it has a smooth matte finish. The device is light-weight, so it is easy to carry around. You can purchase a silicone sleeve for the device to make it even easier to carry.

Despite its small size, the Suorin Drop comes with a 300mAh built-in rechargeable battery. If you are not a heavy vaper, this battery can last for about 5 to 6 hours before having to recharge. You can quickly charge the device from zero to full in no time. The device an LED light that serves as a battery level indicator. You get a Blue light when the device’s battery is between 100% and 30%, and a Red light when the battery is below 30% or below.

Suorin Drop Pod System is designed to be extremely easy to use. There is a round Suorin logo on the body of the device, but it does not have any functionality. Other than the rounded logo and the USB port, there is nothing else on the device. All you need to do is take out the pod, fill it with e-liquid, snap it back in and vape on.

The top part of the device is made of plastic. It features an atomizer, two separate e-liquid reservoirs, and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece of the device connects directly to the atomizer, and due to the device’s low battery capacity, there is no overheating, even if you take a long drag.

The pod is made of slightly tinted plastic with a maximum e-liquid capacity of 2ml, and it utilizes a bottom-fill method. You take the top cap off and turn it upside down, take off the rubber plugs on the two fill ports, and refill just like you would a top-filling unit. The tank is designed with an anti-leak mechanism so you do not have to worry about spilling your e-liquid when you put the device in your pocket or bag. The pod is split into two chambers which you can fill with just about any e-liquid irrespective of their VG/PG ratio.

For such a small device, you would expect that its cloud production should be poor. That is not the case of the Sourin Drop Pod System. It may be a stealthy device but with 13 watts of power, it produces a generous amount of vapor. You may have a hard time trying to hide the clouds it produces. Even seasoned vapers will love the Sourin Drop.

Drop Pod System Vape Kit by Suorin

Suorin Drop Pod System comes in an elegant magnetic flip box that has a life-size image of the vape pod on the front, and a list of the kit’s contents, information about the manufacturer, and a scratch-and-check the sticker on the back. It is available in Black, Gunmetal, Red, Matte Blue, True Blue, Green, Yellow, and Gold color. You can buy the Suorin Drop at Ejuice Deals for just $23.99.

The kit contains:

  • 1x Suorin Drop Pod System
  • 1x Refillable Suorin Drop Pod
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Users Manual

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