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Posted by on Aug 9, 2019 in Vaping Blogs | 0 comments

Safety Concerns of Sub-Ohm Vaping

If you are looking at vaping devices, atomizers, and tanks, you always see or hear the phrase “sub ohm.” Sub ohm vaping utilizes large power to produce vapor clouds that fill the entire room. This style of vaping easily become well-known because many vapers enjoy having bigger clouds. 

Every advanced vaping device is compatible with sub ohm vaping. The most popular and common device available on the market is sub ohm tank. If you are a vape enthusiast, you most likely have your own sub ohm device. But if you are new to vaping and want to upgrade, having this device could come across your mind. 

One reason vapers switch to sub ohm vaping is the bigger vapor clouds and richer flavor than they ever had before. Use atomizer coils to provide high-amperage currents and high wattages. The most famous kind of vaping battery is the 18650 battery cell. It can keep an amazing amount of power in a small pack. It can also provide electricity in electric vehicles. 

Sub ohm vaping does not cause harm if you understand the power of your vaping batteries and take good care of them well. But if you treat a lithium-ion battery in a wrong manner, you are in great danger. This article provides explanations on how to enjoy sub ohm vaping safely. 

Potential Danger When Sub Ohm Vaping 

Many battery accidents reported in the news use the phrase “e-cigarette explosion.” To note, the batteries for electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) never explode. They only vent out hot gas. But if you selected an e-cig without vent holes, the device explodes because of trapped gas. At this point, the lithiumion battery was too hot and created a thermal runaway.  

The battery overheats because of the high current. The chemicals inside the battery react to the high temperature. This reduces the cell’s destruction. The temperature of the battery increases more. The chemical reaction speeds up. Too much pressure within the battery forces it to create hot gas, sparks, and flames.  

This thermal runaway happens when the capacity of the battery goes beyond the limit. It destroys the battery forever. It also causes serious injury. Two things that caused it include the high current and overheating. 

High Current 

During a normal vaping, you can still overheat the battery because of the high amperage load. Amperage refers to the function of the coil resistance and the power used to the coil in volts or watts. Many regulated vaping devices indicate the amperage draw from the wattage and the current coil. In the event your device won’t provide that pertinent data, use an Ohm’s law calculator and ohm vape chart to determine it yourself. 

If you have a single-battery device, you must pick a coil and power setting that produces an amperage draw even though the battery is continuously discharging power. But if you have a device with two batteries in a parallel configuration, you must remain the amperage below the combined CDR of those batteries. 

Short Circuit 

Thermal runaway happens right away with a short circuit.  Electricity flows in a path with little to no electrical resistance. The battery in a vaping device releases its full power immediately. As a result, it will overheat and have thermal runaway.

So purchase a vaping device like a sub ohm mod with regulated power. This kind of device has short circuit protection which is very essential for basic safety. Once the mod detects the short circuit and the current is too high, you see an error message on the display. To know more great ideas on ensuring safety in dealing with sub ohm devices, visit

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