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Posted by on Apr 2, 2018 in E Liquid Reviews | 0 comments

Strawberry Sour Belt Salt E-Liquid by SVLT Review

Think of the nice juicy flavor of strawberries, the sweetness and tantalizing sour flavor. All of that is encapsulated in SVLT’s Strawberry Sour Belt Salt e-liquid. SVLT Vape Juice is a brand created by the joint venture of Humble Juice Co. and Solace Salts. There are several e-juice flavor in the SVLT Vapor line which contain nicotine salt. Currently, there is an increasing demand for e-liquids containing nicotine salt instead of the regular nicotine. Strawberry Sour Belt Salt gives vapers a delightful vaping experience.

Flavor Description

If you like fruity e-juices – particularly strawberries, you will fall in love with SVLT’s Strawberry Sour Belt Salt e-liquid. It is described as a mouth-watering candy e-juice sprinkled with sour sugar. This vape juice is fantastic. You get the taste of a strawberry Fanta that fills your palates. There is a nice sweetness, but there is also a sort of zingy vibe to the flavor. It is quite cool and refreshing. The flavor is consistent throughout on the inhale and the exhale. There is a sweet aftertaste that lingers on your lips and entices to take more puffs.

VG/PG Ratio

SVLT Juice offers its products with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 65/35, and Strawberry Sour Belt Salt is no exception. This is not quite MAX VG, but the higher vegetable glycerin produces nice clouds of vapor. You will get huge clouds of vapor especially at very high wattage, starting from 45 watts upwards. There is no compromise on flavor. Both flavor chasers and cloud chasers will have a thrill vaping this e-liquid. The e-juice comes pre-steeped for two weeks or longer from the factory. However, if you feel that it needs steeping, don’t hesitate to do so. I find that it’s quite good and doesn’t require additional steeping, but that’s a personal opinion.

Nicotine Strength

E-liquids containing nicotine salts are best experienced using a sub-ohm device. However, for novice vapers, I recommend using a tank so that you can gauge the level that is best for you. Nicotine salt gives a very smooth throat hits is quite mellow. In fact, you can vape at very high levels of nicotine strength and the vape will feel as if the level is much lower. SVLT Vapor’s Strawberry Sour Belts Salt is available with nicotine strength levels of 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. The throat hit that you will get depends on the nicotine strength level that you select. The 12 mg nicotine level actually feels as if you were vaping 3 mg.  The throat hit is very soft. You might want to purchase extra nicotine salt shots if you like strong throat hits. Keep in mind that nicotine salt gives very smooth throat hits even at very high levels. However, you feel the nic buzz quicker. As such you get satisfied with the vape quicker.


The e-liquid comes in a 120 -ml bottle. The bottle has a gorilla unicorn shape and is made of plastic. The bottle has a childproof safety cap. The packaging design of this e-liquid is quite simple. You will not find any picture or a lot of information on the label. What’s immediately visible is the brand name, SVLT, written widely across.  The bottle is quite economical.


Humble Juice has an in-house distribution network that allows it to keep its products at a very low cost. Strawberry Sour Belt Salt e-liquid is available for only $24.99. This is one of the bestsellers from this brand. The company’s online store offers excellent customer service and very quick delivery of orders.


The collaboration between Humble Juice Co. and Solace Salts resulted in a variety of e-juice profiles with nicotine salt. Both Humble Juice and Solace Salts are experts in making high-quality e-liquids. Humble Juice Co. is an award-winning e-juice manufacturer that is highly respected internationally for providing high-quality products at very good prices. Solace Salts is also recognized for creating some of the best e-juice flavors on the market containing nicotine salt.

Strawberry Sour Belts gives you all that you seek from a strawberry candy e-juice and it has a very delicious taste. You will like the sweetness and the tantalizing strawberry sourness.  I really recommend this e-juice. It gets a nine on a scale from one to ten.

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