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Posted by on Jan 18, 2018 in E Liquid Reviews | 0 comments

SMPL StrawShake’N Ejuice Review

Nothing beats a tall glass of strawberry shake after a long day from the heat. This thirst-quenching drink will surely lighten your mood even after a day’s work. But why wait for the day to end to treat yourself when you can simply take a bottle out from your pocket and snatch some puffs. Don’t worry, SMPL StrawShake’N ejuice is here to give you that relaxing experience you truly deserve. Now let’s see if this blend will work for you.

“StrawShake’N Eliquid will blow your mind! A creamy and delicious strawberry milkshake paired with a frosted vanilla cake and freshly slice strawberries.”

This vape juice simply lives up to its name. On the inhale, you can really taste that strawberry milkshake blend with some sweetness that is not overly or overwhelming to the throat. But just when you thought this is just your typical strawberry shake from your favorite diner, SMPL Juice will surprise you with major notes of vanilla cake and some fresh strawberry tidbits to blow your mind. If other vape juices leave some nasty tastes that coat the tongue, StrawShake’N ejuice’s aftertaste is pure bliss that you will definitely savor that few seconds.

The scent of this eliquid is as good as it smells. Imagine opening a bottle of ejuice and notes of creamy and rich strawberry shake start to diffuse in the air. There’s fresh strawberry scent that feels as if you are in front of a strawberry orchard. It’s that good! The flavorful aroma alone not only excites your senses but also calms your nerves. This smell alone will already put you to good mood, especially if you hit this in the morning.

SMPL Juice StrawShake’N ejuice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. The vapor runs nice and smooth on the throat and does not leave your throat feeling scratchy or irritated. This has been one of my favorites, and I have not experienced any nose tingling sensations or fits of coughing. The eliquid itself has a nice consistency too. It is not too thick, too thin, too runny, or too sludgy. My coils survived for a long time without gunking up issues with this vape juice. However, I’m the type of person though who is willing to sacrifice my coil or atomizer for a good quality flavor.

This vape liquid is offered in three nicotine strengths. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. I tried the 6 mg of nicotine level and I totally enjoyed the nice, huge, and fluffy clouds. The scent is unarguably my favorite. This level has a good throat hit and a full-bodied flavor. Its ingredients include USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Nicotine, and Natural and Artificial Flavoring.

Just like the rest of its lineup, SMPL Juice’s packaging does not disappoint. It flaunts a simple yet colorful, straightforward design. You can clearly see the necessary information needed including the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, size, VG/PG ratio, and the usual warnings. The eliquid comes in a 120-mL gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. When you remove the cap, you can see a narrow drip tip that allows you to easily and directly squeeze the vape juice out into any coil or atomizer. It is really convenient and you won’t be spilling a single drop.

SMPL Juice has been in the vaping industry for more than 5 years. As its name implies, it has a pretty SMPL concept, and that is to offer its consumers premium-quality flavors in huge bottles but for an affordable price. “A price even your grandpa can swallow.” its website says. Currently, the company has a whole lot of other flavors to offer. And few of my favorites include DeLemonFul Cake, Krazy Kandy, Morning Sin, Orchard Fresh, and Tropical Delight. Oh, did I just mentioned all the flavors? Yeah! Because everything tastes so really good.

Can’t wait to get your own bottle? Head on to Ultimate Vape Deals now to snatch a 120-ml bottle of SMPL Juice StrawShake’N eliquid for as low as $10.99 only. Trust me, I have been to several websites and have done so many reviews but this by far is the cheapest you can get. You’re very much welcome for the tip, and yeah, happy vaping people!


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