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Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in E-Liquid | 0 comments

Cloudy Heaven Space Mango Vape Juice Review

Mango flavored ejuices are among the most appreciated fruity eliquids. The flavor of mango offers a fantastic vaping experience. Most mango flavored eliquids, however, have artificial flavoring. After vaping, there is a chemical aftertaste that remains in the mouth. Space Mango is among the few mango flavored eliquid that do not leave a chemical aftertaste.

Cloudy Heaven is the Malaysian company that manufactures Space Mango. The company produces some of the best eliquids on the market. All its products use natural flavoring and do not leave any chemical aftertaste. Vapers will appreciate the natural flavor of mangoes and have a fantastic vaping experience.

Fantastic Flavor

Space Mango offers the great taste of two different mangoes, green and yellow. Vapers delight in the somewhat milky taste of ripe mango. There is a nice sweetness and the taste buds are flooded with the juiciness and unctuous flavor of mangoes. As you inhale and exhale, a nice cool mint taste invades your mouth and throat. The sweetness is not overpowering, just the natural sweetness of mangoes. There is a nice aroma and the flavor lingers in your mouth for a bit enticing you for more.

VG/PG Levels

The VG/PG rate of 60/40 does not present any issues for vaping or dripping because the e-liquid has a medium thickness. Vapers also prefer the particular ratio because they can use any type of e-cig without worrying about tank issues. The medium eliquid thickness is fine for use in vape pens or in mods. If you’re sub-ohm vaping, the ratio also gives you a great vaping experience. Cloudy Heaven conducts lots of research to obtain the best VG/PG levels for its eliquids.

Vapers who likes to blow huge clouds find that Space Mango produces abundant clouds. The clouds have a nice thickness, and they stay longer in the air before dissipating. Both newbies and experienced vapers like the ratio as they have a great vaping experience and the PG captures all the flavors of ripe mangoes.

Nicotine Level

Space Mango gives a mild throat hit. Vapers have a choice between 3 mg or 6 mg nicotine levels. There is a nice smooth sensation as you inhale and exhale. The whole sensation is cool and mild.

Bottle and Packaging

Space Mango comes in a cardboard box that has the iconic trademark of the company, an alien wearing a space suit floating over the clouds. In the background, there is the color of the deep blue space. The entire box is colorful. The same trademark is also on the bottle. You will appreciate the childproof cap. The opening has the form of a funnel to facilitate dripping. Bottles are 50 ml capacity.


If you’re searching for the best e-juice deals on the market, Cloudy Heaven offers very good deals. Its products are affordable for all budgets. Vapers appreciate that they obtain value for money. For $10.99 USD, you can obtain Space Mango. It’s fantastic savings for a 50 ml bottle and a great opportunity. If you’re a wholesaler and purchase more than 100 bottles, wholesale prices apply.


Cloudy Heaven Space Mango offer vapers one of the best ejuice mango flavors. Space Mango is popular among vapers because it has the natural taste of mango without any chemical aftertaste. If you like fruity e-liquids, you will love Space Mango. It’s all the freshness and flavor of ripe mangos. Among fruity eliquids, mango is one of the fruits that vapers appreciate. There is a high demand for mango flavored eliquids. Space Mango is one of the best in the industry for quality and taste. You will like the taste and can vape all day. The wonderful aftertaste that lingers in the mouth is enticing and will have you wanting more with every puff.

Cloudy Heaven has other products on the market that equally have the nice flavor of fresh fruits and no chemical aftertaste. Mango flavored e-liquids are in high demand and appreciated by vapers. The competition is fierce, hence, being among the top best like Mango Space means that the product presents all the attributes sought by vapers and qualifies as premium vape juice. It’s currently one of the best mango-flavored e-liquids on the market.

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