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Posted by on Nov 4, 2017 in E Liquid Reviews, E-Liquid | 0 comments

Cookies E-Liquid by Cloud Niners Review

Don’t you just love the delicious taste of chocolate chip cookies? Nothing beats the buttery goodness and the taste of chocolate melting on the tongue. Well, now you can indulge your taste buds in the flavor of chocolate chip cookies without worrying about all that sugar and extra calories. Cloud Niner’s Cookies e-juice is a top shelf cookie e-juice. It tastes and smells just like chocolate chip cookies. Vaping this e-liquid will take you down memory lane to the good old days of your childhood. If you love chocolate chip cookies, then you will enjoy vaping this e-liquid. You can easily vape this e-liquid all day long.

Cloud Niners is one of the top e-liquid brands in Malaysia. Vape Sauce is the company behind this brand. Although Cloud Niners is known for its amazing fruity e-liquids, Cookies is equally distinct. Cookies is one of the latter additions to Cloud Niners’ lineup. All e-juice blends in the Cloud Niners line are made with high-quality ingredients. Apart from Cookies, some other Cloud Niners e-liquids are Pineapple, Pudding, Peach Lime, Orange, Mango, Lychee, Strawberry, Banana, Blackcurrant, and Apple. You can get a 60ml bottle of Cookies and other Cloud Niners e-liquids on VapeClubMY for $11.99 each.

Cookies by Cloud Niners has a rich, creamy and consistent taste. It almost tastes like chocolate cake. When vaping this e-liquid, you can pick out the taste of cookies on the inhale. The taste of vanilla and chocolate will spread over your taste buds. On the exhale, you can taste the doughy cookie flavor. The blend comes together well. This Cookies e-juice has the kind of sugary sweetness that you expect to taste when you are eating your favorite cookies. If you do not like sweet e-liquids, this one may not be for you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself chain vaping this e-liquid because it is simply irresistible.

Cloud Niners Cookies has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. It has a thick texture. You can choose to vape this e-liquid from a tank or an RDA, and you’ll enjoy its taste. Like other sweet e-liquids, Cookies tends to gunk up coils. But it will not blacken your coil and wick as quick as some e-juice blends out there. Cookies is a cloud monster. It has superb cloud production. You will get large clouds of vapor from each hit of this e-liquid.

Cookies comes with a nicotine concentration level of 3mg. It has a very mild throat hit. You can vape this e-liquid all day without developing any throat irritation. If you want a stronger throat hit or nicotine buzz, you can mix this e-liquid with another that contains a higher level of nicotine.

Cookies comes with the same packaging design that Cloud Niners uses for all their e-liquids. The e-juice is packed in a white plastic bottle with a childproof cap. There is a label on the bottle with a graffiti-like design. You can conveniently fill your tank or drip on your coils from the bottle.

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