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Posted by on Jun 9, 2017 in LifeStyle | 0 comments

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit Review

Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit Review

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit is an ideal device for vapers who want to get into squonking. There are many mechanical squonkers on the market today like the Kanger Dripbox, but the Pico Squeeze stands out thanks to its 6.5ml  e-juice capacity and inbuilt safety features.

Compared to the Kanger Dripbox, the Pico Squeeze is visibly much smaller. The Eleaf Pico Squeeze has a dimension of 102mm by 46mm by 23mm. It comes with the Coral RDA which is about 22mm. This setup should be able to work with any squonking atomizer that has a width of about 22mm to 23mm. 

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze comes in five colors; silver, white, gray, black, and hot pink. With a price tag of $33.99, this is one of the affordable squonkers out there. You can get the Pico Squeeze from many online vape shops.

Like other squonkers, the Eleaf Pico Squeeze comes with a squeezable bottle that pumps up e-liquid to the coils when pressed. The bottle in the Pico Squeeze has a capacity of 6.5ml. The bottle is fixed from the base of the mod. There is a really effective magnetic lock that keeps the bottle in place. A portion of the squeezable bottle is exposed on the side of the mod. That is where you hold it and press. The firing button is conveniently located just above this.

Above the bottle is the coil deck which is surmounted by the drip tip – very simple setup. The Pico Squeeze has a two-post coil deck. There is a small well for the e-juice under the tank to prevent spills and ensure the wicks get soaked very well. The e-liquid fills the well when you squeeze the bottle.

The Pico Squeeze comes with two Clapton coils and some pure cotton, so you are ready to start vaping once you get the package.

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze has adjustable airflow ports on the side of the Coral RDA. This allows you to control your vaping experience. If you want warm, flavorful vapor, it is better to have the air holes closed up. You can adjust the airflow by turning the drip tip. It doesn’t look like you can replace the drip tip of Pico Squeeze. There is no drip tip adapter in the package, and it does not come with an extra drip tip.

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze runs on a single rechargeable 18650 battery that is not included in the package. The battery compartment has a threaded cap which makes it easy to access. The battery can produce a maximum wattage of 50W. The Pico Squeeze can support a resistance range of 0.15ohm to 3.5ohm. 

One of the downsides of the Eleaf Pico Squeeze is that it does not come with a small OLED screen to allow you manipulate the settings of the device. As a result of this, you cannot regulate the heat it produces. However, it has been observed that as the battery of the device gets weak, the amount of heat that it can send to the coil reduces resulting in less vapor and a less warm vape.  There is a small LED light on the side of the device above the charging port. This light indicator shows you the battery strength. The Pico Squeeze comes with a micro USB cord for charging the battery. It also has inbuilt reverse battery protection.

Overall, the Eleaf Pico Squeeze is a good squonking vape kit. There’s not a lot of branding on it, which is very good. I think the only thing it is missing is another squeezable bottle so you can easily switch the e-liquid you are vaping, and perhaps a changeable drip tip.

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