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Halo G6 Starter Kit

You can purchase the G6 starter kit from any vape shop with two automatic batteries, two manual batteries or one of each. If you are buying an e-cigarette for the first time, I strongly recommend purchasing one of each. This will give you an opportunity to figure out what your preferences are. An automatic battery has a small membrane that rises to meet the metal contact on the bottom of the cartomizer when you draw air in. This allows you to use the G6 in much the same way as you would a real cigarette. A manual battery activates the cartomizer when you hold the button. I prefer the control that a manual battery offers, but you may be different. The important thing to remember is that, when you use an automatic battery, you should draw air through the e-cigarette only hard enough to turn the battery’s indicator light on. This may take some getting used to at first.

G6 Starter Kit Includes:

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”Battery”]
Quantity Included  2
Battery  Logo G6
Color  No
Thread  Nickel
LED  Blue
Button  Color N/A
Type  Automatic
Cut-Off Time  6 Seconds
Length  78mm – Standard
Width  9.2 mm
Capacity  280 mAh
Charge  200 puffs/charge
Lifespan  300 cycles
Voltage  Type No
Actual Voltage  3.3 – 4.2 volts
Rated Voltage  3.7 volts
Warranty  60 Days from Date of Purchase

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Wall charger”]
Quantity Included  1
Charger Logo  G6
Color  Black
Length  64 mm
Width  47 mm
Height  30.1 mm
Input Voltage  110 volt (USA)
Output Voltage  5 volts (DC)
Charger Frequency  50/60 Hz
Output Current  150 mA
Wall Charger Warranty  90 Days from Date of Purchase

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Specifications”]
Quantity Included 1
Logo  G6
Color  Black
Length  46.6 mm
Width  18.9 mm
Input Voltage  5 volts (DC)
Output Voltage  5 volts (DC)
Input Current  500 mA
Output Current  150 mA
USB Adapter Warranty  90 Days from Date of Purchase

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Cartomizer”][/su_tab] [su_tab title=”E-liquid”]
PG Grade  USP
VG Grade  USP
Nicotine Grade  USP
Flavoring Grade  FEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid Warranty  N/A



The Halo G6 earns high marks for appearance and feel. Currently, the starter kit is available in nine different colors including basic black and white, red, blue, two shades of green and more. No matter what your tastes are, you should have no trouble finding something to suit them. Having seen the pictures of the G6 on the Halo website, I had a feeling that it would be a really sharp looking e-cigarette. Actually, the pictures don’t do it justice; I would be hard-pressed to find any product that looks nicer and is more discreet. I love the bright silver trim on the battery threading and around the button, The battery has a satin finish that feels very nice in the hand. Although appearance isn’t everything, it is the kind of thing that can make for a good reason to choose one product over another.


The G6 is a two-part e-cigarette; to use it, you simply need to remove the soft plastic caps from the top and bottom of a cartomizer and screw it and a battery together. The two 78 mm batteries included with the G6 starter kit have 280 mAh of power each, which should be good for about 300 puffs before you’ll need to recharge. In other words, a fully charged battery should last a bit longer than a full cartomizer. You can also elect to receive two 65 mm batteries with the kit; these have 200 mAh of power and last for about 200 puffs – about as many puffs you can get from a full cartomizer. To prevent overheating, the battery cuts off automatically after five seconds.

The Halo G6 currently includes one of five different cartomizer flavors. I suggest choosing Torque 56 or Prime 15 if you formerly smoked regular cigarettes or Menthol Ice if you preferred menthols. My G6 came with Torque 56 cartomizers, which I quite enjoyed. The Torque 56 e-liquid has flavor notes of tobacco, vanilla and chocolate and an aroma that resembles pipe tobacco. The cartomizers work incredibly well. They produce a massive amount of vapor and are perfectly suited to drawing out the best flavor characteristics from Halo’s e-liquids. They use a saturated cotton gauze to hold e-liquid. This design prevents the leaking that is all too common with many other cartomizer designs.

Each G6 cartomizer holds 1 ml of e-liquid, making a full pack of cartomizers about a 5-7 day supply of e-liquid. How long a full pack lasts is going to depend on the nicotine intake you require, but either way; I recommend buying extra with your starter kit so you won’t need to worry about running out and waiting for your next shipment to arrive. Halo sells packs of five cartomizers for $9.99 each. Alternatively, you can buy empty cartomizers for $8.99 per five-pack and fill them yourself. One 30 ml bottle of Halo e-liquid will fill 30 cartomizers. Halo also sells e-liquid sample packs for just $24.99 each. I do suggest using a new cartomizer each time you try a new e-liquid flavor. If a cartomizer has been used, the previous e-liquid flavor will linger. Lastly, if you are new to e-cigarettes, I suggest purchasing e-liquid at the 18 mg nicotine level unless you currently smoke more than a pack of full-flavored cigarettes per day. If you are a heavy smoker, try 24 mg instead.


The G6 cartomizers are simple to refill from a bottle. Pry the soft cover off with a fingernail to expose the gauze on the inside of the cartomizer. Lean the bottle or dropper against the inside edge of the cartomizer to send the e-liquid to the gauze while avoiding the center air hole. It takes approximately 20 drops of e-liquid to fill a dry cartomizer. If a cartomizer’s vapor production drops sharply when vaping or you notice a burned or harsh taste, it’s time for a refill.

Halo G6 vs Other E-Cigarettes

Of the e-cigarettes that I am familiar with, the closest comparison I can make is with the Volcano e-cigarette, which costs $64.99 compared to the $54.99 of the Halo G6. Both e-cigarettes include two batteries, all of the necessary charging implements and one pack of cartomizers. However, there are a number of differences. While the G6 is available in nine colors, the Volcano e-cigarette is only available in white and black. The Volcano battery has 90 mAh of power, while the capacity of the standard G6 battery is 280 mAh. On the other hand, the Volcano battery is smaller, which some may feel is a benefit. Volcano’s cartomizers hold .7 ml of e-liquid and cost $11.99 per five-pack, while Halo’s G6 cartomizers hold 1 ml and cost $9.99 per five-pack.

Volcano’s cartomizer design is similar to Halo’s; both use cotton gauze fillings. Having used both, I find that Halo’s design has an edge in flavor and vapor production. Volcano’s best e cigs starter kit includes a pack that holds spare cartomizers and can charge the e-cigarette’s battery on the go. On the other hand, Halo’s batteries have more than triple the capacity of Volcano’s, and a fully charged G6 battery plus a spare should easily last anyone a full day. Although the Volcano product does have benefits, I believe that the G6 edges it out in all of the most important factors.

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