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Posted by on Apr 28, 2017 in E-Liquid | 0 comments

Review: Artemis Berry Cobbler by Cyclops Vapor

SPECIFICATIONS of Artemis – Berry Cobbler:

  • Weight: 0.30 LBS
  • Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Size: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz

About Cyclops vapor:

They are the manufacturers and suppliers of the world’s finest e-liquid. Cyclops Vapor is a national and worldwide distributor and an authorized e-liquid dealer. Cyclops Vapor develops their own e-liquid flavors using flavor molecules. This allows them to provide a unique service to their clients by allowing them to create or modify a flavor.

They only put three ingredients in their e-juices: PG, VG, and flavors.

Artemis – The Flavor Mix:

Most premium e-liquids only contain a few ingredients, starting with a propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) base. Aside from these bases, the other additives are for flavoring. If your e-liquid is infused with nicotine then this would be an additional ingredient. Other ingredients that are used here are – berry and cobbler.

  • VG/PG ratios: 65%VG/35%PG

Review of Artemis:

I’m always a little nervous when I first dive into an e-juice with a berry base. More often than not, they tend to have a slightly bitter, medicinal overtone that I’m simply unable to overcome. The Artemis from Cyclops Vapor is brimming with the enticing aroma of berry cobbler dessert that smells rather close to the real thing.

The flavor has a moderate hint of fruit, a whole lot of cake, and a baked crunchiness rounding out the profile. The flavor of the berry cobbler is exceedingly convincing, delicious and satisfying.

The baked factor used to suggest the whipped cream obligatory for any berry desserts, is not quite as robust as other whipped cream flavors that I’ve had, but is still well beyond passable with a smooth, lush mouthfeel. The recipe for a standard berry cobbler is relatively straightforward…some good berries, sugar (I prefer brown), a little cinnamon, and a biscuit-style dough spoon-dropped on top. Toss the whole thing in the oven until golden brown and delicious. The dessert is, as a great majority of truly great dishes and desserts, an exercise in simplicity, creating something truly unique out of a few basic building blocks with some additional, yet optional twists. The berry cobbler from Cyclops Vapor holds somewhat true to the basics, and although the ratio of the juice is a bit out of proportion, it is tasty nonetheless.

The dominating flavor in the blend is a fairly strong cinnamon, but it’s not the cinnamon that I usually reach for when I’m baking with fruit. Here’s the thing, there are two general families of cinnamon; Ceylon and Cassia. They look somewhat similar (although Ceylon cinnamon is a bit lighter in color and more brittle in stick form), but are two very different flavors. Cassia cinnamon is the spice commonly found on supermarket shelves and in pantries across the US, it’s earthy with a dark, almost gorgeous body and tone.

Ceylon cinnamon is sweeter and spicier of the two. It’s the atomic fireball or red hots type cinnamon, and that’s the one used in this particular blend, or at least predominantly so. It’s not technically the correct flavor for a Berry cobbler, and due to it’s pure, bright, spicy quality, it overpowers some the more delicate fruit flavors and buries what little sweet pie crust-like, bready crust notes there are, almost completely, underneath the more dominant flavors. But that being said, it does work surprisingly well with the baked caramelized brown sugar and berry notes that can muscle their way out from underneath the cinnamon to present themselves on the exhale and finish.

Allowing the berry to play more of a supporting role pays off big for Cyclops Vapor, as it keeps the harsh flavor that all too often goes hand in hand with strawberry e-juice, suitably in check while still letting enough fruit into the mix to provide a sweet dessert vape.

This juice also has the capability to handle some relatively high wattage. With my atty clocking in at 2.9Ω, I took the Strawberry Angel all the way up to 5.7 volts, yielding just over 11 watts, without diminishing the flavor in any fashion. This is where sweet spot can get a little tricky.

This juice tastes good at almost every point along the wattage spectrum, making it a good choice for any type of PV, variable voltage or standard, but the hotter you take this juice, the more pronounced the berry flavor becomes. I thought it was best around 5.5V or just about 10.5 watts, but your mileage may vary.

At that voltage, the flavor is very pronounced, throat hit is more than solid, and vapor production is excellent.

Overall, This vape juice is an exact replica of a true berry cobbler

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