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Posted by on Apr 25, 2017 in Save Money | 0 comments

Best Three Banana E-Juice Flavors Review


Banana Split E-juice by Split! – 30ml


Upon inhale I am picking up a smooth banana flavor with Vanilla and Chocolate mix. I would describe the banana taste to be like a candy banana and not an authentic banana flavor. The banana is a creamy sweet Strawberry ice cream. On the hold of this liquid, it tastes as it almost has peanut undertone to this vape. I can detect the milk, vanilla, and chocolate but they sit in a secondary role to the banana. If you hold this in your mouth for a second, it coats your mouth in a Banana/Vanilla taste that is very pleasant. This flavor doesn’t linger around your mouth after you exhale. I noticed a medium throat hit and average vapor production.

Market Price: $19.99 Savings: $10.00

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[su_heading]Banana Milk (MYLK) by Brewell Vapory – 30 ml[/su_heading]

Immediately upon inhale, you are going to notice that this is a very indulgent vape. The chocolate and banana are the original flavors that I am detecting. Underlying the banana, and chocolate I am picking up on the vanilla. They are subtle and in my opinion just the right amount. This juice is a delicious blend of candied banana, a bit of rich creaminess, and a pie crust or vanilla wafer flavor that enhances the blend beautifully to create a tasty vape.

The profile comes together on the exhale, and while each note is easily identifiable, they meld together seamlessly creating a unique creamy banana flavor. The pie crust/nilla wafer flavor presents entirely on the long, thick finish, rounding out the vape with an earthy, bready note. As with their other flavors, TPR seems to be aiming for less intense flavor profiles, nothing that’s a full-on, in-your-face flavor explosion. I can understand and relate to that line of thinking, but in this case, without a bright top note or very much acidity in the profile, this juice can come off as little more than sweet, fruity and mildly creamy.

The same however can be said about the genuine article, re-enforcing the notion that this juice does an excellent job in replicating the profile of banana pudding, and makes for a pretty darn tasty dessert vape at that. There’s some flexibility on the sweet spot with this juice. I preferred to keep it on the cooler side, right around 8 watts or 4.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. That wattage kept all the flavors at their fullest, provided an awesome throat hit, and a respectable cloud of vapor.
The nuts charismatic of this vape give a similar taste to Five Pawns Grandmaster. This one comes with chocolate in place of peanut butter which is used in Grandmaster. They are similar but very different at the same time. In this liquid, you can taste the banana much more.

The overall components are sweet fruits with a slight tartness and a creaminess that is downright extraordinary. The creamy flavor and mouthfeel of the vape is the most dominant aspect of the juice, and it’s remarkable how closely it resembles eating a big spoonful of freshly whipped cream. There is a hint of coconut backing up that delicious creaminess adding yet another dimension of flavor and creating a rich, decadent vapor that will almost make you forget you’re not eating anything.

The fruity flavors are a bit hard to pin down. There seem to be elements of peach, some berry, and maybe even a touch of banana, but with flavors interwoven as tightly as these, it’s a bit tough to pick up on any one distinctive characteristic. Typically, I find that this blending of flavors yields a very basic, generic fruit flavor. However, in this case, the flavors all come together to create a perfect backdrop for the cream and coconut, contributing notes of acidity and sweetness that create a sophisticated, well-balanced dessert vape that is incomparable to anything I’ve reviewed up to this point. Combine all that with a great throat hit and plumes of sweet, sweet vapor, and it all adds up to being a perfect vape juice.

The Brewer Vapory describes this Banana Milk (MYLK) as the mixture of fresh bananas and condensed milk. Delicious. I would have to agree. Delicious!

Market Price: $20.00 Savings: $15.00

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Bahama Mama by Mr. Good Vape – 15ml


60% VG / 40% PG

Bahama Mama tastes exactly like it sounds. Sweet with hints of Cream and nuts, this rich flavor is truly satisfying. Makes a great summertime breakfast time e-liquid!

This is another interesting one from Mr. Good Vape

On inhale, I am picking up on a very sweet banana flavor. I would describe the banana as a creamy banana with a sharp finish. Even at 100% VG, this one seems to hit pretty hard. The banana is very right to taste and reminds me of eating an actual banana. I am picking up on the Pineapple taste out of this liquid. It gives this one the fine finish that I mentioned before. The final notes I am picking up are the nuts in this liquid. You can feel them from the initial inhale, through the hold, and finally, on the exhale of this liquid.  This one comes with a full medium throat hit and massive vapor production.

Like all the juice in this vein, it tastes remarkably similar to the real deal, incorporating all aspects of the tasty treat with a strong emphasis on the nutty and creamy-y flavors. Overall, this is a great version and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy large amounts of this cheap e-juice. The sweet spot is just a hair over 8 watts or 4.5v on a 2.5Ω atty. You can certainly crank it up above 9w without losing too much of the balance, but the flavors are far more potent at 8w, which also provides ample throat hit and a very nice cloud of vapor to boot.

Market Price: $13.00 – Savings: $10.00

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