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Posted by on Mar 21, 2017 in Healthy Vapor | 0 comments

Vaping and Getting the Right Hit

Vaping provides a wonderful smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes for many users and the experience truly is quite similar to smoking for many. Some people who try vaping don’t stick around, not because they don’t want to switch, but because they haven’t been properly instructed on the slight and subtle differences between smoking and vaping.

To be clear, these differences are very small, and vape pens do still provide that same satisfying inhale and throat hit, but unless some very minor adjustments are made some new vapers may not be getting the full experience.

Puffs Should be More Sustained

Have you ever heard the term, “smoking like a server?” Maybe not, since this is something pretty exclusive to those who both smoke and work in the wait-staff industry. Essentially, when you wait tables your smoke breaks are exceedingly short. Most servers who smoke become adept at smoking an entire cigarette in a few brief moments. They do this by taking very strong and very quick puffs.

It’s not anyone’s ideal smoking style and when it comes to vaping this approach is actually not helpful at all. A longer, more sustained drag will be far more effective at generating a thick and satisfying vapor.

If you’re a server looking to switch to vaping don’t get discouraged. Most vapers report that it takes only three to five long drags – seven at the most – to get the same nicotine effect that they were used to from analog cigarettes. Even at the full seven puffs you’ll still have plenty of time to vape and get back to work before your tables notice you’re gone.

Pay Close Attention to Your E-liquid

If you are practicing the long slow drag technique and still aren’t feeling satisfied you may need to consider upping the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. Most companies out there offer a fairly wide variety of strengths so just take it up a level and see if that helps.

If upping your strength doesn’t do the trick it may be the flavor that isn’t working for you. If you’re trying a non-tobacco flavored nicotine liquid like chocolate or something fruity, see if something tobacco based is more satisfying. If this doesn’t work for you then try exploring a different tobacco-based flavor of e-liquid.

Most e-liquid producers offer at least two different tobacco-based e-liquids, usually more. If you’re using something described as “light” or “sweet,” just look for something a bit more straightforward like big f’n deal ejuice at cape vape.

Keep Your Device Maintained

The final suggestion if you are not satisfied with your e-cig vapor is to make sure your device is clean. Atomizers need to be maintained to continue producing the best possible vapor. If you were using short puffs at first, or the wrong strength or flavor of e-juice than you may need to start over with a clean or even brand new atomizer now that you’ve figured out the proper vaping technique and e-liquid.

Following the suggestions here usually makes a world of difference for most new vapers. So before you go back to the smelly, expensive, traditional cigarette habit make sure you’ve given every chance to your e-cig.

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