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Posted by on Mar 18, 2017 in Tips | 0 comments

Best Way To Stop Smoking…

Newbee information

If you are new to the cutting edge 21st-century phenomena known as Electronic Cigarettes, here is some information that should help get you oriented and up to speed. Specifically, we focus on the highest quality e-cig on the market, the Njoy e-cigarette brand.

Njoy ecig enables you to stop smoking quit with ecigs , and enjoy the experience.

There are two basic types of e-cigarettes made, a three piece unit, and a two piece unit.

Three Piece E-cig

They consist of 3 parts.

* A filter cartridge with a tiny plastic piece inside it that holds a cotton-like sponge with the liquid nicotine solution in it. Some products go even further and require the user to place drops of the liquid nicotine solution into the filter or have them insert new nicotine cartridges into the filter itself.

* A steel tubular atomizer unit which the filter cartridge slides onto. This part of the product screws into the battery and gets used over and over again. This leads to unhealthy bacteria and eventually clogs, thereby reducing the amount of smoke volume. These atomizers must be replaced. This adds a hidden cost to the 3-piece product that is not mentioned upon purchase.

* A battery. Many of these batteries are heavier than the Green Smoke battery and do not last as long on each charge.

Two Piece E-cig

With Njoy you get a unique, easy 2-piece design that eliminates the headaches that are created with the 3-piece products and the problems associated with them.

* No worries about a dirty, clogged atomizer. Each cartridge comes with a fresh and clean atomizer built in!

* No worries about drops of liquid nicotine solution or placing small cartridges inside the filter.

* No worries about smoke volume being affected by a reusable atomizer. No worries about cleanliness.

* Easy on-the-go maintenance. Just take your cartridges and battery with you. Just screw in a new cartridge and you are good-to-go.

* With a built-in atomizer, you are ensuring that you will have a fresh experience every time that produces the most smoke volume in the industry.

If you have already had a close-up experience with 3-piece products, you will appreciate the differences between them and Njoy e-cigarette!

This is why there is a price point difference. We make no apologies that our product is a bit more expensive. We are giving people a product that delivers on it’s promise. Njoy e-cigarette produces the most smoke volume and is the easiest to maintain and use.

Higher quality always costs more.

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