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Posted by on Mar 1, 2017 in Save Money | 0 comments

How Much Money Can You Save with Electronic Cigarettes?

Smoking can be incredibly expensive, and one of the aspects of electronic cigarettes that generates interest in some people is the possibility of saving money. First, let me start by assuring you that if you would like to know whether electronic cigarettes are a less expensive way to smoke than analog cigarettes, the answer is an emphatic yes.

So, how much money can electronic cigarettes save you?

Let’s use eLiquid Planet Essence Ice — my current favorite e-liquid — as an example. This liquid costs $11.99 for a 15 ml bottle. A glass eyedropper costs an additional $1.99, but we’ll leave that cost out because once you’ve bought one, you really don’t need another. Assuming you’ve used my coupon code, ELP10, for an additional 10% discount, your new cost is $10.69 for 15 ml.

You will also need to pay the USPS Priority Mail flat shipping rate of $5.95, so we’ll say that to minimize shipping costs, you order four bottles of liquid at a time. That’s a final cost of (10.69*4)+5.95, or $51.71 for 60 ml of e-liquid.

Now, let’s say that you use about 2 ml of electronic cigarette liquid per day. That is my approximate average, and I formerly smoked one pack of light cigarettes per day. This means that 60 ml of e-liquid are about a one month supply.

Let’s also say that you need to buy a new atomizer once a month. I find that a Lava atomizer lasts about two months, but atomizer life is variable and depends on a number of factors. So, that brings your monthly electronic cigarette cost to $62.71.

Where I live, cigarettes cost approximately $8.00 per pack after all taxes are applied. This means that the cost of a pack-a-day cigarette habit is approx. $240 per month.

So, what does it all at up to?

Electronic cigarettes save me approximately $178.29 per month or $2,139.48 per year. I also avoid 7,300 analog cigarettes each year. Even if you want to try every quality vape juice on the market and grab every new piece of electronic cigarette hardware that you find, you’ll still save money. Depending on your personal expenses, switching to electronic cigarettes can take care of your car, insurance or power payments. In my opinion, the cost savings of electronic cigarettes is one of the most compelling reasons to make the switch.

If you’re looking to save more money with vaping alternates then you can sign up for an vape juice online subscription service , however, the decision is getting progressively more difficult to make, so which is right for your needs?  To learn all about monthly e-juice subscription service follow the link here.

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